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Celebrating By Giving To Others

Oct 17, 2011 by Lauren  |  Everyone is a Philanthropist

They told me that children come with a lot of stuff. Cribs, changing tables, diapers, bottles, burp cloths, lovies. Of that I was forewarned. Bleary eyes wide open, we sought to be cognizant of the amount of baby gear we stockpiled and tried to curb the amount of stuff we purchased—we bought used, we borrowed and we accepted hand-me-downs. Admittedly, it helped... Read more


Rebranding Tzedakah: From Charity to Sacred Spending

Read this provocative article from Danny Nevins, a scholar from AJWS’s 2010 Rabbinical Student Delegation.

The third paragraph of birkat hamazon, the prayer after eating, presents an odd conflation of concerns. Opening with a petition for divine mercy toward Israel, its people, capital,... Read more


This year, I’m Going to Explore the Values Behind my Financial Giving

The High Holidays are upon us! Have you been reflecting on your year past and your year ahead?

In my previous post, I mentioned that Where Do You Give? would be participating in Reboot’s 10Q project between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

If you haven’t started participating yet, I... Read more


Shanah Tovah, Happy New Year! Do You 10Q?

Ah, Rosh Hashanah. The Jewish New Year. A time to eat apples and honey. A time to spend with family. A time to start thinking about tzedakah?

In Jewish tradition, we are taught that on Rosh Hashanah, the Book of Life is opened and 10 days later, on Yom Kippur, it is sealed. Our heavenly... Read more


Why Is It So Hard to Talk About Money?

Sep 22, 2011 by Kimberly Lustig  | 

Whether we like to admit it or not, money is one of the strongest driving forces in our lives. Along with love, of course, money makes the world go ‘round. Here at AJWS, we wouldn’t have much of an impact in the developing world without the generous gifts of our donors. Of course, we... Read more


Why I Give Away My Hard Earned Money

Sep 22, 2011 by Sarah  |  Everyone is a Philanthropist

I’m a couple of years out of college with the student loans to show for it, living in the rent-is-too-damn-high-Manhattan, and working at an entry level job at a non-profit. So it may not shock you to learn that I don’t have the disposable income of a Bill Gates. I’m not facing... Read more


A Dvar Tzedek on Giving: Parshat Ki Tavo 5771

Several months ago, my husband was stopped by one of the ubiquitous young people on the streets of Manhattan fundraising for good causes. He was told that for just $22 a month, he could sponsor a needy child in the Global South. Moved by the pitch, he signed up, and soon after, a photo of... Read more