Where Do You Give?

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What They Won

Grand Prize

One finalist from each category was selected as a Grand Prize Winner who received a $2500 cash prize and an opportunity to travel with American Jewish World Service (AJWS) to visit some of our partners in the developing world. Our first Grand Prize Winner, Doug Burnett, recently travelled with us to Uganda. Read about his story here. Congrats Doug!


  • Nine finalists received a $250 cash prize and won the opportunity to have their work featured in a national mobile tour starting in New York City.
  • In addition to national recognition and prominent display, finalists get to share their story about their design in greater detail on WhereDoYouGive.org


  • Semi-finalists are featured on WhereDoYouGive.org, are eligible for public voting and had their work reviewed by the Where Do You Give? judges panel for the opportunity to become a finalist.

Congratulations to all our finalists and winners!


How would you design a new way to think about Tzedakah?

The Tzedakah Box

The tzedakah box is an iconic object. How can the tzedakah box be brought into active dialogue with contemporary thinking about philanthropy and social change?


As our giving shifts from coins to credit card transactions and from dollar bills to digital donation buttons, how can we harness technology to reflect and influence the way we give?

Out of the Box

Think outside of the box. What statement do you want to make—using sculpture, a conceptual installation or another medium—about tzedakah in the 21st century?