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Rachel Travis

Rachel Travis is currently the Curatorial Assistant for the Roman Vishniac Archive at the International Center of Photography. After earning a Masters in Jewish Art and Visual Culture at the Jewish Theological Seminary, Rachel has worked at a number of museums and Jewish institutions, exercising her belief that art can serve as a vehicle for social change. Born in Manhattan and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, she currently lives with her husband in the Upper West Side where they enjoy biking, baking and urban farming. Rachel can be reached at

Tzedakah in your own backyard

Jan 26, 2012  |  Everyone is a Philanthropist

As a Southerner who has made Manhattan my home for the past several years, I often credit Central Park with maintaining my sanity in this frenetic metropolis. Its sprawling landscape offers a natural rebuttal to the confines of my one bedroom apartment and to relatives’ insistence on the... Read more

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A Dvar Tzedek on Giving: Parshat Ki Tavo 5771

Several months ago, my husband was stopped by one of the ubiquitous young people on the streets of Manhattan fundraising for good causes. He was told that for just $22 a month, he could sponsor a needy child in the Global South. Moved by the pitch, he signed up, and soon after, a photo of... Read more

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