Where Do You Give?

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Aid. Money. Time. Love.

Mar 23, 2012 by American Jewish World Service  | 

What, graphically, would inspire us to give and think about our giving priorities? TyMooney responds with his submission for the Where Do You Give? Design Competition.

Please briefly describe your design:

Using universal symbols; a medical cross representing aid, a money sign for monetary donations, a clock for time, and a heart for love, the Tzedakah infographic invites people to engage in conversation about what they give to the places they support.

How does your design reimagine the future of giving? How will your design spark a national conversation about the obligation to give, where to give, to whom and why?

The Tzedakah infographic invites people to look at the future of giving as something beyond simply the donation of money. In a society that is driven by being active participants in charitable causes the infographic invites people to talk about what they give, where they give, and why they give.

In tough economic times giving money isn’t always an option for everyone. Because you can’t give money does not mean you cannot give aid, time, and love. This infographic opens the door to conversation about being a participant in the giving process regardless of financial standing. Some people donate time to tutor at-risk youth after school, others feed the homeless at local shelters, you have doctors who are setting up clinics in third world countries to help fight the spread of disease, aid workers distributing food in malnourished regions, the list goes on.

The Tzedakah infographic looks at the contributions of aid, money, time, and love, singularly and as a whole. When a person is able to afford a monetary contribution to an organization they enable more room for donations of love, time, and aid by themselves and others.

The simplicity of the infographic is meant to cross all cultures and forms of media, as the symbols are recognizable no matter where you are in the world. The infographic can be utilized as a web banner, Facebook Timeline photo, or incorporated into Twitter as a trending topic with the hashtag #WDYG (Where do you give). This will get people engaging in conversation about the places they give, even if they are unfamiliar with the Tzedakah box/message. It will bring global awareness to different organizations, motivations, and obligations for giving.

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