Where Do You Give?

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Mar 26, 2012 by American Jewish World Service  | 

Juxtaposing the names of the five Books of Moses, Helene Aylon calls on us to do something—give!

Please briefly describe your design:

The global inspired sphere can be made of blown milk glass as depicted in the photographs- (however other materials can be used). There can be a slit for coins on the top, under the word, Torah or on top of it. The letters can be engraved or painted/printed directly on the sphere. The bottom of the sphere is flat so that the piece stays in place. The suggested size can be 8 inches, 10 inches, or 12 inches round.

How does your design reimagine the future of giving? How will your design spark a national conversation about the obligation to give, where to give, to whom and why?

The shape of this new Tsedaka box is “out of the box”, a rounded global perspective. There are so many crucial needs; one cannot say where to give because the problems can be geographically in Haiti or New Orleans or Japan or Israel, etc. They can be educational, political and health related, etc. As for whom to give to, the emergency at hand usually determines where the funding must go.

To make these matters clear and succinct I have used the translations of the names of the Five Books of Moses itself as a guide. Therefore the work is called, “The Torah of Giving”; and uses the titles spelled out in the following way: AS A START (Brashis) THE NAMES (Shmos) CALL OUT (Vayikra) FROM THE DESERT (Bamidbar) FOR US TO DO SOMETHING (Dvarim). In this succinct diminutive learning from the titles of the Five Books of Moses, a salient encouragement is deduced.

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