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Six-Word Memoirs: Where Do You Give?

Check out what our friends at Pursue wrote about Where Do You Give? and SMITH Magazine’s Six Word Memoir Project!

According to literary legend, Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a story using only six words. He did it: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” The six-word story is a challenge in clarity and brevity, in which we’re asked to distill what are complicated emotions and events into that which is seemingly basic, but powerful. SMITH Magazine has published various books of 6 Word Memoirs, and recently teamed up with the folks from Reboot to invite folks to write six-word memoirs of Jewish identity and life.

There are few topics more perplexing than money, how we use it, access it, think about it and distribute it. This week marks the launch of AJWS’s Where Do You Give? National Design Competition. Where Do You Give? seeks to raise the level of discourse around tzedakah in the American Jewish community and to explore the underlying questions that drive our decisions regarding where to give, to whom and why, and the design competition is aimed at reimagining, literally, the traditional tzedakah box.

To kick off the competition, we asked some of our colleagues at AJWS to come up with their own six-word memoirs on Jewish giving. Without further ado:

So many obligations. Well, give anyway! –Sasha Feldstein

Better to give than to receive. –Erika Davis

No matter where I give: guilt. –Suzanne Lipkin

A giving Jew is a happy Jew. –Ilan Caplan

If only 1% would give 10%. –Sasha Feldstein

Got allowance. Saved, spent, gave tzedakah. –Lisa Exler

Tzedakah. Just do it, Torah says. –Erika Davis

Chosen people: choose your favorite charities! –Ilan Caplan

Value your money. Give some away. –Jessica Soria Korsunsky

End of December? Tzedakah spreadsheet time! –Lisa Exler

Where do I give? Dunno. Sorry. –Ilan Caplan

Put money where your mouth is. –Sasha Feldstein

All of those lattes add up. –Erika Davis

Grocery shopping; cans for food pantry. –Lisa Exler

Radical politics manifest in radical giving. –Chanel Dubofsky

Wanna be a philanthropist? You are. –Ilan Caplan

What’s your Six Word Memoir about Giving? Tell us below!
This article was originally posted at Pursue: Action for a Just World.

Chanel Dubofsky

Chanel Dubofsky is the Program Associate at Pursue-Action for a Just World. She blogs at Diverge (www.idiverge.wordpress.com) and lives in Brooklyn.

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