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Slideshow: Giving by Design

What a lively and thought-provoking conversation about the meaning of philanthropy – one that included the multiple voices of speakers and participants, the written “conversation” about giving priorities on the chalk board wall, and the visual “conversation” inspired by the creatively wrought tzedakah boxes! I feel challenged ethically, spiritually and creatively to rethink the meaning of tzedakah.
            —Rachel Jacoby Rosenfield, AJWS Associate Director of Community Engagement

Visiting the AJWS office and attending the opening of the Where Do You Give? exhibit were such great experiences. Rarely have I had the opportunity to meet and talk with so many brilliant and creative people. Everyone I met had such a passion for doing good. It was an inspiration that only strengthened my resolve to find my own way to make a difference. I was honored to be a part of it.
            —Michael Cohn Moreau, Design Competition winner in the Web/Interactive Category

One of the many amazing aspects of my experience in New York was coming to understand just how far the reaches of Where do you Give? will be, from the publicity and awareness the traveling exhibition will generate to the curriculum AJWS has developed around it. I’m so honored and excited to be a part of this incredible project!
            —Lily Feinberg, Design Competition winner in the Out of the Box Categoy

Missed the Event?
Don’t worry—we have plenty of photos to show you. Click through the slideshow below and you’ll feel like you were there! And stay tuned to find out where the Where Do You Give? design exhibit is going next!

Photos courtesy of Ilana Winter


I'm Mia! I'm the Where Do You Give? Intern at AJWS for Summer 2012. I'm orginally from Northern New Jersey, and I'll be a senior at the University of Pittsburgh, where I'm studying Communication and Religious Studies with a minor in French. I love to cook, sing, travel, and try new foods!

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