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Where Do You Give? Featured in the Jewish Week!

We are so thrilled to be featured in today’s Jewish Week!

Steve Lippman, a staff writer for the publication, featured American Jewish World Service and our Where Do You Give? Tzedakah Curriculum, as pioneers in a new movement to reinvigorate tzedakah and tzedakah education in the American Jewish community.

We want to publicly applaud our very own Lisa Exler, Senior Program Officer and lead author of the curriculum, for acknowledging that “American Jews are generous contributors and have more options for giving tzedakah than ever before, requiring them to make choices about where to give,” she says of the AJWS initiative. “We hope to help people be more thoughtful and intentional about giving, so that their contributions reflect their values and respond to real need. By engaging people in thinking about where to give, we hope to inspire them to increase how much they give.”

Other people in the tzedakah education community, worry that tzedakah as been “assimilated out” of many American Jews, and are “a part of [Jewish] life that disappeared.”

But we know that’s not the case! Giving tzedakah today is more important than ever, and our over 550 educators who have downlaoded our curriculum know it. American Jews are generous, and they want their tzedakah to reflect their values. Our curriculum helps American Jews young and old to do just that. 

So read the article, and then use our Where Do You Give? Tzedakah Curriculum in your schools, summer camps, synagogues and homes. Let’s reimagine the way we think about giving!


Sasha Feldstein is a program associate in the education and community engagement department at AJWS, where she manages WhereDoYouGive.org. Aside from wanting to be and play outside all of the time, she is interested in radical reconceptualizations of ancient traditions and in deeply exploring why we give, where we give, how we give and what it means to define giving tzedakah as pursuing justice. Sasha can be reached at sfeldstein@ajws.org.

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