Where Do You Give?

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Got Gelt?

Got Gelt? A Conversation about Giving in this Season of Receiving



Middle School; can be adapted for other ages


45 minutes


Got Gelt? A Conversation about Giving in this Season of Receiving will help students think about and articulate how they decide where to give tzedakah. Using an interactive game, debate and Jewish text, this lesson highlights the complexity of allocating tzedakah and the necessity of making difficult decisions among competing priorities. Got Gelt? also includes an at-home component that enables students to apply their learning to actual giving as they and their families designate a night of Chanukah to give tzedakah. Got Gelt? lays the groundwork for students and their families to participate in Where Do You Give? Reimagining Tzedakah for the 21st Century, an initiative featuring a national design competition, online interactive media and educational resources that engages the Jewish community in critical questions about where we give, to whom and why.


  • Students will view themselves as philanthropists.
  • Students will understand that the act of giving tzedakah is complex and involves making tough decisions among competing priorities.
  • Students will begin to articulate how they make decisions about where to give tzedakah.
  • Students will commit to designating one night of Chanukah for discussing and giving tzedakah with their families.


  • “Would You Rather?” questions (provided below)
  • Chart paper/whiteboard
  • Markers
  • Letter to families (Word doc)

Download full lesson plan (PDF).